Posted on Sep 10, 2019

Professional Painters of Hilton Head, llc

When is the right time to change your wall color? While it differs for each situation, we listed five common signs you can check to decide if it's time for wall makeover.

1) Peeling. It is an eyesore to see peeling walls. It usually happens when using cheaper paints. High-quality paints could last longer. However, exposure to moisture also affects your walls.
2) Scuff Marks. Some blemishes can be covered and removed. However, when there are too many permanent marks on your walls, it can already be an eyesore. Repainting would be the best option instead of resorting to band-aid solutions.
3) Blisters. An excessive amount of blistering and bubbles can further damage your wall. Before it gets worsts, repaint your walls already.
4) Fading. Fading wall colors are often caused by extended exposure to the sun. It also ruins the aesthetic of your wall.
5) Just For a Change. Colors affect the mood and atmosphere of a place. If you do not like the aura of your home color, then repainting is the key.

If you want to repaint your walls, try the excellent service of Professional Painters of Hilton Head.

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